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Vistitle 1.5.3

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    It's now at 1.53. I have not had any problems with crashing since version 1.0.


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      Originally posted by xeberdee
      Ithought so too - nice trendy, clean, easy, feature rich and very useable.

      BUT my version on 3 different platforms very buggy, even for version 1.

      It was so nice I would have bought it, If I didn't have other possibilities in house.

      Life's too short for crashing/buggy software.
      Which version are you using?

      1) the DEMO version 1.0, it is not stability.
      2) the DEMO version 1.5, it should be stability to test VisTitle.
      3) FULL version 1.5.3, it maybe have some bug, but should be few, and, we are still try our best to improve it.

      If you found any bug or problems, please do not hesitate to let me known, if you would like, please provide the repeatable steps and the operation details, it will help us to fix them. We will thank you very much.