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P Pro CS5 can't read /edius HQ clips

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    Originally posted by tbruegg
    any news on the hq codec with cs5? i really hope there will be a solution soon!

    Same. I have over 80hrs of footage in Canopus HQ codec from way back when. Now I need to trim it edit it and keep what I need.


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      Originally posted by apetrik
      Same. I have over 80hrs of footage in Canopus HQ codec from way back when. Now I need to trim it edit it and keep what I need.
      why not use Edius for this? Should save you waiting... Just an obscure idea that popped into my head :)


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        We will find out after 10th whether EDIUS 6 will change this, but if it doesn't you will have to use EDIUS to convert the footage to standard formats. For HD I would choose AVCHD or HDV depending on how it started life.
        If the footage is DV footage (ie capture via firewire in EDIUS but save as Canopus DV and not Micrsoft DV) then there is a program called DVDATE which will easily let you change the codec without remaking the footage.
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          64-bit applications needs a 32-bit codec bridge or handler to read & write encoded files using codecs without native 64-bit support.

          If you are a little bit experienced in using AVISynth you can load any codec in AE & Premiere CS5!

          1. install AVISynth from

          2. install AVFS (AVISynth Virtual File System) together with the Pismo File Mount Audit Package driver

          Some of the scenarios where AVFS is useful include:

          - Serving data from 32 bit Avisynth and plugins to 64 bit
          encoders and media players.
          - Serving data through file shares to remote systems, potentially
          running non Windows operating systems.
          - Breaking complex scripts into stages that can be run concurrently
          on multiple systems.
          - Serving data to encoders or players that do not support
          VFW or DirectShow.
          Pismo File Mount Audit Package download link:
          Mount and access the contents of ZIP ISO CISO (Compact ISO) CFS (Compact File Set) and PFO (Private Folder) files from any application.

          AVFS download link:

          3. create a short *.avs script in your AVI's file directory

          4. right click in Windows explorer on "your_AVI.avs" --> choose "Quick Mount"

          5. drag the AVI-file from the resulting virtual folder which named "your_AVI.avs" to the video application of your choice!

          I really know, it's just a workaround, but without the need to create intermediate files. So it works for me until Canopus codec will be available as 64-bit version. I hope someone will give it a try. It speeds up my personal workflow with Canopus files together with other applications & now I could load AVISynth scripts in the same way in EDIUS.
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