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self executable flash files?

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  • self executable flash files?

    I just edited the 1:45 little tag that my client will be putting onto USB drives and handing out as promotional material. I used Edius to make the AVI and usually use Adobe Media Encoder to make my flash files... but never self-executing ones. Usually they go to a website where the webmaster has the flash software on the server to run it...
    I know this is not an Edius question per se - but there are a lot of smart people here that I thought may know.
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    I've never done that, but here's a reply on another forum:
    You need to install the Flash Standalone Player ...

    In the first frame of your movie add an FS Command ... with these parameters :

    FS Command
    --- command = fullscreen
    --- argument = true

    (if you want to keep the scale - you can also add
    FS Command
    --- command = allowscale
    --- argument = false

    (make sure to add a CLOSE button) :
    --- FS COmmand
    ------ command = fullscreen
    ------ argument = false

    Export your SWF file from SWiSH ...

    Then, open it in the Standalone Player ... use the File Menu and select "Create Projector" (this will make your SWF file an EXE - with the flash player included)

    You can then burn the EXE file to your CD
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      Well, I checked it out and that could be a pretty old forum posting since Adobe now owns Flash... not Macromedia... and I can't get that file. If I could - AWESOME info....

      Any other ideas?? I am trying all the Adobe forums too but they are not as quick to answer aa my Edius friends. I'm on a time crunch - THE CLIENT'S not mine but.


      I'm adding to this last posting - I have to thank you, Tobe. While that link is not what I needed, it lead me to the answers! I appreciate your time and effort getting me that info. THANKS!!!!!

      I love this forum! (Adobe one still didn't get any views, so!)
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      Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but she did it backwards and in high heels.