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  • Title motion pro

    I am trying to install Title motion pro.
    When thr greenbar gets to the last stop a message comes up saying 'Edius was not found - set up will not proceed'
    Edius is definitely installed as I have bee working with version 5 for two months. Why the meessage?

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    It could be the wrong version to fit with Edius 5. Where did you get the TM?


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      you must enter some registry entry

      or install the both programs in the same path [c:documents....]

      for detais pls reply

      [email protected]


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        Title motion pro & EDIUS 5
        Reg History:
        HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Canopus\EDIUS\Installa tion
        Name Type Data
        (Default) REG_SZ (value not set)
        DestDir REG_SZ c:\Program Files\Canopus\EDIUS 5
        DestFolder REG_SZ EDIUS 5
        PlugInDir REG_SZ c:\Program Files\Canopus\EDIUS 5\PlugIn
        VideoStandard REG_SZ PAL

        or Regfile : [email protected]


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          Title Motion Pro & Edius 5

          I have EDIUS 5 ( A promo upgrade pack which including Edius 4 to allow use the upgrade, I only mnetion in case it has any bearing on my question ). The pack came with a Title Motion Pro upgrade disc ( small print can only use with previous versions ). I've now located a supplier of a full CD version of TMP but am concerned that because TMP seems not to exist on the web if there are conflicts with Edius, I'll be on my own ! Anyone advise if they really like TMP and why ? I've tried Graffiti 5.3 but hate the fussy timeline. Thanks.


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            i installed title motion pro on edius 4, it is very good but i couldn't figure out how to make animation style title :=(


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              Originally posted by nitrococuk View Post
              i installed title motion pro on edius 4, it is very good but i couldn't figure out how to make animation style title :=(
              Read the help file (manual). It will help


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                Animated Tiltes Long Render Times

                Just wondering if there is a compatibility issue with Ttitle Motion Pro and Vista.
                Always before in Edius 4.6 when animating a title in TMP, the render time was fairly quick. Since going to Edius5 with Vista, the render is very long.
                Walk away for a long period of time long.

                Any suggestions to get the render times back to reasonable?

                Thank You

                Trisha Von Lanken
                All My Best,
                Mark Von Lanken
                Picture This Productions, Inc.


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                  Render the annimation in FX mode rendering will be at supersonic speed.

                  I have seen this slowness. :)
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                  A proud EDIUS EDITOR
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