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problem with adorage 10 with edius 5.11

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  • problem with adorage 10 with edius 5.11


    I have a problem with adorage 10 with edius 5.11 when I create to new custom effect template

    if I create an effect custom and the safe one in the preferred ones if I reuse inside the same project perfectly works.

    if I close edius and I reopen same project when I go to reuse my effect custom it doesn't maintain the select effect and personalized I must go in the panel of adorage and choose the effect

    I don't know if it is a problem of adorage or edius

    as I can resolve this problem ??

    excuse me gor my English


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    why anyone answare in this post

    excuse for my english


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      Probably because hardly anyone uses Adorage with Edius


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        Piper i got the same problem
        did you resolved your problem?
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          Originally posted by piper View Post
          why anyone answare in this post,
          excuse for my english
          I also have Adorage 10 and it doesn't function properly (saving costum presets)
          As I don't want to only complain here about Edius this and Edius that, I did not reply with the obvious.
          I just wait and see what happens in the future (to all these broken implementations, VST in 3.x and a lot more in 5.x) and made a start to teach my self in CS4 production suite.


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            I am not sure why blaim Edius builders for the Adoradge problems, By the way, Adorage plugins are poorly designed, the quality of those filters and transitions are so-so... You may compare them with original Edius ones.
            Yes, uou can use them for weddings etc, but definately not for brodcast work.
            You are welcome to learn CS4- nice stuff, but you will always come back for Edius. If you ask me, I am using AfterEffects and Protoshop- they are great.
            And I have not used Premiere for years and never Adorage- for most of my custiomers!
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              I have problem with Adorage and some of the other Prodad filters in Premiere CS4 as well. Only minor ones and they will be addressed.
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                Adorage 3.0.57 not playback with Edius 5.11, it just playback if run it as stand alone, how to fix it,please?


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                  better contact prodad.
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                    i have this same problum


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                      Same here. It playbacks just fine if run as stand alone. With Edius 5.12 crashes !!!!!
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