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  • WorldTech Devices Specialist Keyboard

    WorldTech Devices has color-coded labeled keyboards for EDIUS.

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    My little review here: I have one and while it is great for a learner to have these color coded keys, I hate the keyboard itself. The keys "feel" sticky and raised too high is the best way i can put it. I definately would go mad if i used it for regular document typing or my day to day emailing etc.
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      So it is more or less the same quality as the Canopus "free" keyboard that came with with NX bundle, looks nice but awful to the touch, now it's in the box, next the the rest of my "useless" stuff and I'm using a Mac pro Keyboard.

      That means all these Pro editing keyboards only look pro, they don't feel like it, what a shame.


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        Not sure what was included in a bundle, never seen that here.

        You know maybe I am just too used to using a nice notebook keyboard, speaking of which, would be good for GV to have a specialized keyboard insert for say the Broadcast Laptop, then they might sell some by differentiating it from any notebook with EDIUS added to it?
        AMD Ryzen 9 5950X, RTX 3080, 64GB RAM, EDIUS X WG.


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          No Thanks

          No way, what a ugly looking keyboard and not for that price....
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