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    Hi all,
    I installed an intensity 4k pro card to work on a project from vhs,for a friend (no good deed goes unpunished) edius 10 does not play the sound through my speakers. I do see the meter moving with sound though.
    Can you please help me?

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    I don't have Edius X, but if it is like all previous Edius versions, it has to have the IP4k configured as a preview device and the audio will go through the IP4k, not the computer speakers.

    You need to listen to the audio from the IP4k outputs. That can be from the analog outs or the HDMI through a TV/Monitor. While I don't program Edius, I assume the rationale for this, as with most NLE's, is so the sound is in sync with your video monitor, not your computer screen, as there usually a couple of frames difference in timing of the two due to processing delays of the IP4k and the TV/Monitor.

    I don't know your equipment setup, but most TVs and video monitors have an audio output jack also that you can use to feed your speakers for perfect sync with the video monitor. You can als extract audio from the HDMI with a de-embedder or an HDMI capable audio amp and stereo speakers.

    Personally I feed my KRK monitors with he analog outs of my matrox I/O via a samson c-control (not made any more, but an ART SCC is the closest, you can also use a small desktop mixer) and did the same when I had an IP4k in there. The C-Control also takes my computer audio in so regardless of the software being used, the sound comes from my KRK's. My video monitor is an old sony pro monitor that has extremely fast processing so there is no noticeable A/V sync issues, but if the monitor was slower, I would take the audio out of it through the C-Control instead of direct from the IP4k
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      Thank you Bern. I will continuous it. It plays perfectly when I uninstall the I4k...i get it...Thanks


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        As Bern says you have to listen to the sound out of the Intensity some how when the picture comes out of it. What I generally do is to take the analogue out of the Intensity and plug it to the line in on the sound card, then set the computer to "listen to" the sound from the line in.
        The other possibility its that with some of the recent Blackmagic drivers I was not getting any sound out of the analogue connections on the Intensity Pro 4K. I was sticking with 11.5.1 as that worked but I have just tried 12.2.2 and EDIUS 10.3 and I am getting sound out of the analogue connections with this set up.
        EDIUS silver certified trainer.
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          Thank you both. I really appreciate your help.