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edius problem with nvidia t600

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  • edius problem with nvidia t600

    I have a new workstation (a Dell precision) that has an integrated intel + NvidiaT600. I've formatted and installed the os by new. If I try to use the nvidia with edius 9, it cash after 20-30 seconds, even If I try do a render after some time the renderd process stop and then edius is freezed and then closes. I've tryed with 2 different nvidia driver version but nothing changes. I've installed also edius 10 and get the same result. If I disable the nvidia processor with the nvidia control panel it works fine. I've also tryed with same game and a stressful test on the GPU but all same to works fine.. except under edius... Any suggestion? Thank you

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    Same for me but with t500:

    HP ZBook Firefly 14 inch G8 Mobile Workstation PC
    11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-1185G7 @ 3.00GHz, 2995 MHz
    BIOS HP T76 Ver. 01.06.02, 12.08.2021
    Name NVIDIA T500

    If I deactivate the GPU and use the buildin Iris, it works but performance is to bad for 4K editing. Editing with GPU and ligthworks (2022.1) works without any problems.
    Any solution for this?



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      You are a cheated user. Professional card is not a good choice for NLE
      If Encoder and decode rtx3090 performance is 100%,The following conclusions are about the performance of h264 / 265 encoding and decoding.This conclusion is roughly accurate.

      Encoder and decoder performance: rtx3090 (100%)=gtx1650s(100%)=T600(80%-85%) = gtx1650(80%-85%) = gtx1050(80%-85%) = UHD630 (60%)=UHD750 770(115%)=M1(130%)=M1 MAX(unknown %)=RX560(30%)=RX5700(45%)=RX6600(60%)
      Burst number of decode encode:NVIDIA =2; AMD=∞; intel=∞.
      burst limit means you can't play back more video tracks smoothly(>2 track),NVIDIA is very wicked.

      Currently, EDIUS10.21 can only leverage 25% of the performance of uhd750.

      We can only expect EDIUS to support AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards for decoding. There is no other way.
      Premiere supports AMD, NVIDIA and Intel graphics decode very well, but EDIUS does not support amd NVIDIA decoder at all, nor does 11th and 12th igpu.
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      CPU:AMD R9 5950X GPU:GTX1050 MEM: Micron 4G DDR4 2400x4
      motherboard:ASrock X570 matx
      SSD:intel p3600 sata HDD: HGST 8Tx5 raid0
      Power:Great Wall EPS2000BL 2000W
      OS WIN10 20H2


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        There is an EDIUS X update coming very soon. Once released, try that and see if it helps your crashing problem.
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