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Gearing up for recording/editing in 4k60p

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    Applying PCC to clips also stops realtimeplayback as soon as I add a second clip with 4K 50p files, currently I'm editing a ceremony where 5 camera's where used using the 4K 25p 100mbs panasonic codec and in a 4k 25p project I can still edit in realtime. PCC I apply once the edit is done.

    It looks like nr of cores are more important in Edius then corespeed or you need to use a processor that has a gpu build in if you want realtime performance with 4K 50p files.


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      Just in terms of the amount of pixels and data rate it may be that one track of 4K 60P is close to two and a half tracks of 25P. So I can see that you could run 5 tracks of 25P as I am able to run 2 tracks of UHD60P 1/2 preview resolution as long as there is no other effects. The issue is EDIUS is not using either the CPU or the GPU effectively. If I switch off GPU decode in Resolve it is still able to run 3 tracks with CPU at 80% rather than 10% with GPU enabled. GPU of course still does processing and display.

      You are correct that my 1920 has faster single thread performance than the other Threadrippers of the series and still performs well on tests because of that. If I upgrade anything it will be a better GPU. If anyone can ever buy a new GPU again !!!

      Certainly for easy performance EDIUS needs to run proxies or HQ files for good performance above HD resolutions unless one is using a fast Intel CPU with QS. This is sad as the best cost/performance for PC's at the moment is AMD with NVIDIA GPU. EDIUS is the odd one out in not taking advantage of this combination.
      Ron Evans

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