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DVstorm, what to do with it?

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    I still have all my card sins DV RexRT, I have owned all GV cards sins then til Storm 3G. All of them are in a box in my storeroom because I never found it in my heart getting rid of them, just like all those cameras I have ever owned, except one camera that were stolen from me in a burglary in to my house.
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      If you have the room, it's great to have your own museum! I recently disposed of old camcorders, digital cameras and a Minolta Maxxum film camera. Just collecting dust and not good for anything anymore. : (


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        I still have my first camera, sony V6000 HI8.. was a great camera in it day...... then I got the Panasonic Supercam... that was a fantastic camera


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          I got a MVR-2000 board I am still holding, Mpeg 2 is making a comeback isn't it? I just need GV to make some Windows 10/11 drivers. :rolleyes:
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            you can use Matrox MXO2 using it as a boat anchor