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    Hi John.

    What Anton has said about a GPU is absolutely right if you're not using anything that would benefit from one. I don't use many plugins with Edius, so my experience of what can use GPUs is none existent. If plugins aren't such an issue then you could easily do without a dedicated GPU and certain other benefits of certain GPUs wouldn't come into play with Edius 8 anyway, which may have been something else that Anton was getting at.

    That said. If you are going for a new build and one that it is going to last a good few years, I'd recommend getting a discreet GPU anyway as you are likely to use one at some point, eve if it's not for Edius and it would basically complete a system that you can just tuck in the corner and never have to touch again if it is all spec'd up from day one.

    Like I've already said, I'd strongly recommend that you go with an Nvidia 30 series card. This week, Scan had a Zotac 3060 for £399. While I know this is still expensive, there are people still asking up to £800 on eBay for a 3060. This price at Scan is at least good news as it shows the stock and prices, at least at Scan, are becoming sensible.

    As for performance of a 10th Gen Intel CPU against your 4790K. You won't know what to do with yourself when you see the difference, night and day doesn't even come close to describing the difference. All the i9s in Gen 10 are 10 core with hyperthreading and any of them will be a huge uplift compared to what you are used to. You will also feel the benefit with anything that you use with a system like that, Photoshop, Resolve etc.

    While 11th Gen Intel has advantages over 10th Gen, raw CPU performance is thereabouts the same. Whatever IPC improvements there for Gen 11 over Gen 10, are almost mitigated due to Gen 11 only having 8 cores and Gen 10 having 10. There are certain other advantages to Gen 11 but they are few and far between and will only be relevant in certain, limited use case scenarios. Plus, Gen 11 is a bad choice for Edius anyway. You'll probably have people talk about Gen 12 only being around the corner but that could be next year and Gen 12 will be using DG2 and if Edius has problems with DG1, then I think you can guess what's gonna happen with Gen 12 and DG2.

    Basicall, what I'm getting at is that despite Gen 10 Intel being now last years tech and I would usually never recommend going forward with last years tech. Due to Edius' limitations, Gen 10 i9 is a fantastic choice for it and a Gen 10 i9 will be powerful in its own right anyway and will be for some time.

    Hopefully someone on Gen 10 i9 can chime in and give you more user experience examples and information.


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      Hi Dave
      I will probably take your suggestion and go for an i9 10850 and a GTX 3060. Scan don't seem to have the GPU at the moment, so I will wait a while. Thanks for the help
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