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EDIUSX performs much worse than EDIUS9,I record videos and upload projects.

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  • createmedia
    I am in the same boat really, I have a fairly fast PC which Passmarks at 37,850 CPU mark and although purchased a while back it has dual Intel E-2697 18 core Xeons, so I don't have QuickSync. If those processors hadn't been on eBay for $500 each as samples I would have chosen something else as the recommended price was very high. Around 25,000 passmark is the highest score CPU with Intel QuickSync included, the i9...X series go higher but no QuickSync. AMD's top of the range threadripper scores 80,000.

    The other issue is the poor PCIe support provided by the Intel QuickSync CPU's on the motherboard.

    The workstation motherboard I currently have, an ASUS Z10PE-D16-WS supports 6 off 16 lane sockets.Therefore a range of cards that I currently have in addition to the GPU can be added such as Black Magic Design, Atto Fiber Channel, Grass Valley hardware, and a Firewire card. All but the latter requiring a 1 lane slot, Grass Valley needs a 4 Lane, and the other two an 8 lane slot.

    The Z490 chipset which goes with Intel processors with on board UHD 630 graphics and QuickSync, has plenty of 1 lane slots but that is of little use to me.

    The Z590 chipset motherboard is a bit better but I only found one of those into which I could add most of my cards but not all.

    With the arrival of the high spec AMD CPU's beating Intel hands down on performance, it is easy to see why people would migrate in that direction to get more engine power for 4K and 8K.

    Another example is RED r3d footage.

    I have some 8K RED sample clips from the RED website and their free Cine-X Pro app will play them in real time with GPU based buffer in hand but their we see the GPU at 100% usage. In Edius X I am forced to play at 1/4 resolution and the GPU is at about 50% load.

    I cannot play HEVC UHD clips or AV1 clips either in UHD and the resolution drop down does not help.

    There is also an issue with some files, the above included that there is CPU core hopping going on, and if you look in Windows performance monitor you can see it. Some cores randonly selected are at 100%, some at only 30%, support have noted this issue with some types of H264 beforehand. It makes for a poor decode.

    The modular design with a database engine behind the scenes in Edius X should be well capable of selecting appropriate decoders for the hardware platform on which it is operating. GPU only decoding is not the be all and end all as Premiere Pro also has its issues with connecting to the GPU everytime play is requested, a mixture of CPU and GPU is the way forward.

    Main Concept have now very efficient decoders and an SDK available which the GV development team are aware of, so expect over time these innovations to be added to Edius X, but I don't expect because of the old coding regime used in Edius 9, that Edius 9 will not get those improvements.

    I look forward to some big steps forward with Edius X but I hope sooner (weeks) rather than later (years).


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    Sorry, I remember wrong,amd and nvidia newly added It's AV1 format. I took a closer look at the material. It's actually 4K 265 4:2:0.However,if Decode 4:2:2 the Cpu utilization of edius10 is much lower than that of edius9.If edius10 and Da Vinci, PR, like the addition of independent video card decoding support, It won't be too hard to choose a computer,Without Intel graphics, EDIUS can be said to be maimed.Intel Xe graphics compatibility very fail!

  • Claire
    [email protected] commented
    "EDIUS doesn't support their decoder, but premiere does,GTX1650S-RTX3080 or AMD RX6000 series,It can decode 10bit 265 4:2:2 very well.I just hope EDIUS can adapt to the new hardware"


    Nvidia does not support h265 4k 10 bit 422, See attached screenshot.

    Please show where AMD are documenting if they support it or not.

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    EDIUS doesn't support their decoder, but premiere does,GTX1650S-RTX3080 or AMD RX6000 series,It can decode 10bit 265 4:2:2 very well.I just hope EDIUS can adapt to the new hardware.

  • Claire
    I notice the second clip in your demonstration is labelled Sony A7S3 S-Log3. I too have this camera and discovered that using the HEVC 4:2:2 codec there is as yet no GPU decode ability, not with my RTX 2080 Ti or even the latest Nvidia 30 series.

    To edit and play smoothly I need to first transcode them to Prores, but it's worth it for the small file size on the card and the high quality of 4K 10 bit 4:2:2

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  • EDIUSX performs much worse than EDIUS9,I record videos and upload projects.

    Please fix the problem I raised,thanks!
    Although we may have language barriers, but I try to express clearly.

    I have asked many times and no reply from developers. I upload videos to Youtube and files to Google cloud disk. You can test them.
    Japanese and Chinese camera manufacturers are basically H264 and hevc packaging formats, decoding is really important.
    Video preview address:
    Video Project and File download address:

    My computer configuration is good enough,However, the performance of ediusx is far worse than that of edius9 (cpu:i9 9960x 128G RAM Gpu:Vega64)
    Such a good i9 cpu computer EDIUS performance is not as good as i5 cpu.

    This video shows everything, and I'm really disappointed with the purchase of ediusx. V4 transition and audio filter can be installed to 9 or 8.53.
    Background rendering is the function of Da Vinci and Premiere long ago. Let alone develop more functions, The subtitle tracking function of ediusx is nothing new. Dark background edius8 and 9 can be adjusted.

    1.when will EDIUS start to develop AMD NVIDIA GPU decoding and coding function?Intel's Intel's Xe DG1 graphics card is a failed product, which is not compatible with Xeon and AMD platforms.EDIUS can't go down like Intel.
    2.The video in the Media pool window cannot be previewed thumbnail by sliding the mouse left and right. Why take the trouble to do that? Press middle mouse button, which is inconvenient to press,Can it be improved?The thumbnail does not support the acceleration function of the graphics card, and the response is slow.If the thumbnail display can be synchronized to the preview window, real-time response is a very good improvement.
    3. I hope to add the lost frame playback function in the normal mode, which is also a simple way to improve the performance of EDIUS. The multicam mode already has this function.
    4. Sugges: Click transition or Effect to automatically cycle preview at the pointer position. Double click transition or Effect to automatically add it to the pointer position. Drag the timeline to continue playing without stopping.
    5. Suggest: addingTime line video left and right exchange function,Greatly improve editing efficiency.

    ================================================== ================================================== =========================
    我已经问了很多次,但没有得到开发商的回复。我把视频上传到Youtube,把文件上传到Google云硬 盘。你可以测试它们。

    我的电脑配置很好,但是ediusx的性能比edius9差得多(cpu:i9 9960x128G内存Gpu:Vega64)

    背景渲染是达芬奇和Premiere很久以前的功能。先不说开发更多的功能的事情了,ediusx的字幕跟 踪功能并不是什么新鲜事。暗背景edius8和9可以调整。

    1.EDIUS什么时候开始开发AMD NVIDIA GPU解码和编码功能?英特尔的Xe DG1图形卡是一款失败的产品,与Xeon和AMD平台不兼容,EDIUS不能和intel一样没落.
    2.左右滑动鼠标无法预览素材窗口中的视频缩略图。必须多此一举的点击鼠标中键然后,然后左右滑动鼠标预览 缩略图,这是非常 不方便的,可以改进吗?缩略图预览不支持显卡加速功能,响应很慢。如果缩略图显示可以同步到预览窗口实时响 应是非常不错的改进。
    3.我希望在普通模式下添加丢帧回放功能,这也是对EDIUS性能提升的一种简单改进,多机位模式早已经有 这功能了。
    4.建议:单击“转场”或“特效”可在指针位置自动预览。双击“过渡”或“特效”可将其自动添加到指针位置 。拖动时间线继续播放,而不是停止播放。这个功能从来都不起作用。