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Macbook Pro M1 Chipset is not Intalling.

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  • Macbook Pro M1 Chipset is not Intalling.

    Hi, I already bought a new 13" Macbook Pro m1 chipset but I can't install Edius X or older versions. I tried lots of programs, virtual server or emulgator. How I can Install Edius in my MacBook m1 Chipset.

    Thank You.

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    have you tried bootcamp?


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      I would not be surprised if it won't work. The processor is no longer the same type for which Windows was written. Is there even a bootcamp for these new MACs?
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        Bootcamp allows dual-booting an alternative operating system, typically Windows, on Intel-based Macs -- that won't work with M1-based Macs because they are based on a ARM architecture rather than x86/x64. Virtualization solutions also won't work because they merely allow access to the processor from virtual machines. What's needed is a high-performance x86/x64 emulator that runs on the M1 processor, and Parallels is working on one.


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          I dont use mac, I have no a clue if it would work or not on the new macs.


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            Edius runs on Windows. Windows is designed for x86/x64 CPU's, as is Edius by default. Even if you can get Windows to install on one of those ARM processors or in an emulator, the CPU's don't have the same instruction set built into them, so it is very likely that any software that requires direct access to these instruction sets, such as AVX/AVX2, like Edius and just about any software that needs direct hardware access for performance will not be able to install and/or run on these CPU's.
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              The M1 uses integration between CPU,GPU,RAM and SSD to gain its performance. Any software will need to be aware of these optimizations. For instance there is a special version of Resolve 17 for the M1 products. NLE's that already run on Mac have only just started to be altered for the M1 so I think EDIUS is a non starter on the M1.
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