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    If I have a MPEG2 as a program stream encoded at 6000bps and want to turn it into an MPEG2 as an elementary stream, with as little loss of quality as possible, what do I do?

    Is it as simple as putting it in Pcoder, and re-encoding it? I don't know the process - does Procoder encode the already encoded file, so in effect it is recompressing from the original 6000bps? Or in this case will it simply avoid re-encoding and simply split the audio?

    I'm confused. Is there a thread that would explain this?


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    ProCoder does not support lossless demultiplexing (aka demuxing) of MPEG streams. It will always reencode your data, which introduces time and a generation loss.

    Your best bet is to scour the Internet for a free demuxing tool. I actually use MPEG Streamclip:

    Admittedly, it does a little bit more than just demuxing, so you may find simpler, more direct apps out there.


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      Cheers Mr Sparkle,

      Now I know what to look for... THanks!


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        TMPG does it too...even the free trial version. Just go to Tools and you'll see a bunch of options.


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          but presumably Streamclip is NOT free?


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            HI Mr Sparkle,

            Got Streamclip up and running. Gave me a very nice M2v video but there does not seem to be an option for demuxing the MP2 audio from the MPEG2 video.

            DO I need to go for the 'headed' or 'unscaled' options?

            As it was I just chose 'demux to m2v...' from the file menu. I thought it would give me an option to set the destination folder for the demuxed audio, but it went straight to processing. I have a video but no audio....


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              ACtually, could I just put the MPEG2 file in Edius and export the audio as a PCM/wave file and then make an AC3 file from that (which is what I ultimately want the audio as)?

              Seems a pretty simple solution, but are there any things to watch out for?




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                Chris did you try TMPEG?


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                  Originally posted by STORMDAVE
                  Chris did you try TMPEG?

                  Not yet, but I'm sure I will. Does that demux? At the moment, my procedure in Edius is resulting in a wave and AC3 stream that is out of synch by about 1/2 a second.


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                    Obviously it demuxes, or else I wouldn't have posted about it :)

                    Plus it's free.