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  • chroma filter

    In Edius 5 is ther a filter similar to the expold chromanace filter. such as leave only one color while the rest of the clip is black and white

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    The same filter is still there. It is not an Explode filter but a regular one.


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      still there ?

      OK it's still there but WHERE ? is it


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        It's the Chrominance Filter in the Effects Pallet. Expand the video effects... it's there.
        It may require extensive tweaking, but will do as you need.
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          The Effects video on the Edius Training site shows how to accomplish what you are trying to do:

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          Another explanation is on Anton Strauss' site:


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            In version 5 in the Effects Palette, it should be the 6th filter down under Video Filters, right after Blur