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Printable shortcut list?

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  • Printable shortcut list?

    Is there one?
    Then I can learn them with them stuck above my monitor and change the ones I want to.
    I've searched the forum with no joy, canopus' site and even googled, where the reply I found was there is one in the edius 4 forum, but I'll be blowed if I can find it!!!!!
    Trid exporting the list to a dat file, but I can't find anything to open it in that works :(

    One I used to use in Prem a lot was the M key to enable moving all the files in one go from the point at which you clicked on a file. Can't seem to find a key for this in the list.

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    I remmber me to the solution from your question in a other thread.....

    I search for it.... I found it.....and reality => it was my last search on this forum .....

    The colors \brightness\fontsize from this forun (specifically the searchresult) simply impertinence

    @ everyone >> please, try a Advanced-Search, with " Show Results as Post" i.e. : for all post from "GrassValley_BH"
    and scroll the site with the results from top to bottom, and trying to read the text...

    and replay with true words your perceptions.........

    Originally Posted by Butcher
    I need to print out the keyboard shortcuts and memorize them all. I'd customize them if I could, but too many people share the system and I don't think they'd appreciate it. :-)

    EDIUS Keyboard Shortcut Translator (takes your .DAT file and makes it human-readable)

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    you wish a link >>> call not vienna,
    vienna eyes are heavily damaged behind 7 min search in this forum.....
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      Thanks so much, my shortcuts are printing as we speak.
      Microsoft MVP in Digital Media

      Edius 4.61, NX Express, xp sp2