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Exporter 5.0.1 - abnormal program termination

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  • Blast1
    A lot depends on the motherboard and installed devices - what address ranges they use, etc.
    Vdeo cards with large ammounts of memory can cause problems

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  • GrassValley_BH
    Anything more than 2GB in 32-bit Windows gets a bit fuzzy. A lot depends on the motherboard and installed devices - what address ranges they use, etc.

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  • peppowagner

    tried to uninstall the 3rd party plugins - no help.

    Finally after a long journey I put out 1 of the 3 1GB RAMs (after a hint from the web and small printed note in the MB manual, that the board may have issues with WINXP 32bit and more than 2GB) and ...

    ... the exporter runs fine.

    Not yet sure if the 1GB RAM is defect or the root cause is the MB with 3GB and WINXP 32bit - will try to find out.

    Btw: MB is ASUS P5B Deluxe


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  • mattie
    I had this and figured it was to do with 3rd party plug-ins - since removing the DLL's ive not had it once.
    Like you - I wasn't using any in the project - but they all load at start up weather you use them or not.

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  • peppowagner
    started a topic Exporter 5.0.1 - abnormal program termination

    Exporter 5.0.1 - abnormal program termination


    exporting 8 hours of DV streams (1 hour per sequence) without any effects, etc I had several issues with abnormal program terminations.
    I am running a Q6600 with a Raid0 and 3 GB.

    Exporting to AVI worked more reliable than exporting to MPG, but also issues there.

    The terminations (error message: MS Visual C++ Runtime Library, Runtime error, program edius.exe, abnormal program termination) happened without any patterns, in different streams and different locations in the streams.

    I checked for corrupt frames, but everything fine there.

    What I found is that exporting to AVI took about 60-70% of the CPU ressources and MPG export took between 95% and 100%.
    Short before the termination happened, the CPU utilization was at 100% for a minute or so and then Edius crashed.

    I also measured the Core temperatur, which was 66° C max.

    I tried both batch and immediate export.

    After the crash 4 mpsegenc_host.exe services remained in the memory.

    Every help appreciated.