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Crash during export to avi

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    Ahh yes I forgot that :)
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      Dont know if my problem is the same, but everytime I try to export an HD project I'm working on (Canopus HQ) it crashes and Edius closes. THEN after that, the project no longer will open. I can launch others in Edius but the project where I tried to export from is now corrupted in some way.
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        You are probably right on the 5 and Xplode thing - but my story line starts with the upgrade to ver 4.6....

        I appreciate the notes though, will go hunt out my projects I can't seem to find. Probably lost them due to overzealous use of revo - when the EDIUS uninstalls failed.

        Originally posted by SRsupport View Post
        1 You can't loose project on you harddisk with an update . They might not display in the recent list on startup but they are in the project folder right where they where just browse to them.

        Hope this helps.