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Adjusting Analog Audio Input Level.

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  • Adjusting Analog Audio Input Level.

    Folks, I searched this forum for an answer but couldn't find it.

    My problem is that I can`t control the analog audio input on the NX (PCI-X) card.

    I am calibrating all my audio, playback and recording to a -20dB standard.

    On the playback side I am all done, played a 1KHz -20dB wav file on Edius and on Audition and monitor it on my Mackie mixer they are calibrated.

    On the recording side I generated a -20dB test signal from a DVCPRO deck, calibrated the input on the Mackie and analog input on the sound card but the input on the Edius NX is close -38dB, too low, the project is set to -20dB. I recorded the file and played on Audition and it is realy -38dB, the same input on the motherboard analog audio line input gives me a precise -20dB.

    How can I calibrate NX's analog input level?
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    So by the lack of posts that means that there is no way to control the NX card audio input level?.....


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      There is no way to do this....I wish Storm Video (For DVStorm) was available for the NX in a new interface, because it did have a level meter.

      Your other option is to get an audio mixer such as a Mackie and pass through that and use the sliders.

      You should put this in the "Feature Requests" forum.


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        Thanks, I will add in the Feature Request and I do have a Mackie with the NX computer, can't live without one.