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  • Clip Colour on Timeline

    Anyone know how I can set the clip colour on the timeline to differentiate/for easier locating of a particular clip? I can find how to do it in the folder window but not on the timeline.

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    select clip -> alt + enter -> clip color
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      Originally posted by SRsupport View Post
      select clip -> alt + enter -> clip color
      Thanks for your help. I think I need new glasses. I should have seen it as I go to that panel all the time for other information.

      I also figured out that if you right click on clip/properties, this gets you there as well. Depends if you're a mouse or keyboard editor.



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        Fast Easy way to do lots...
        In the bin create a new folder and open it,,
        On the Timeline select clips to re-color,
        Drag to the new bin folder,
        They're already highlighted in the Bin so Right-Click and change colors there,
        Drag back to the Timeline and GO!
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