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    Hi. I was on the Edius list for years, contributing at times.

    When the list was switched to Grass Valley, however, I got out of the habit of keeping up with it. Plus, I had a Rex that I was happy with, but since it was no longer supported I just stayed with my older version of Edius.

    Now, however, I'm thinking I probably should upgrade, and I have Grass Valley's special if you upgrade before the end of the year.

    I do some events, montages, weddings, corporate videos, etc.

    I've always loved the Rex and not having a delay in previewing the video like I get when I output via Firewire. So I was thinking maybe I should buy the HDstorm hardware and software bundle for $999.

    OTOH, maybe things are advanced enough that I could be happy with just Edius, not buying the Storm board, for$249.

    Any thoughts? I really do appreciate your comments since I've been out of the forum discussions and have to decide on an upgrade path in the next few days :>)

    Dan L. Smith
    Charlottesville, VA
    The best all-digital video production in central Virginia! See samples of our corporate and wedding coverage and see how much better it is than any other you have seen!

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    Hurry and upgrade to Edius 5. You'll love it, if your system can support it...and the upgrade offer (if you are eligible) only lasts a few more days. So, hurry, and have a Happy New Year!
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    EDIUS 9.52.6031
    Many external project hard drives


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      I've been reading older posts to catch up.

      I still haven't seen a discussion of how much of a difference the HDStorm board makes on modern systems.

      I've loved my Rex, and dislike the delay when previewing Edius 3 via Firewire without the Rex.

      Anybody have any thoughts on the advantages of the Storm card these days??




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        You allready know.
        NO DELAY.
        and analog in/out with the storm plus.
        Hdmi in/out
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