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resolved burning issue in DVD WS2

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  • resolved burning issue in DVD WS2

    Dunno if this will help anyone...

    Posted this a few days ago:

    "HI all,

    Just working with DVD WS2 for 1st time.

    The only option of burning speed is 'MAX', which I obviously don't want to use. My drive is a Pioneer DVR-108. Does DVD WS 2 need an update or does the drive?

    Does anyone know how to rectify this?"

    Emailed ULEAD. Got this back:

    "Please download and install the latest burning pack for your DVD WorkShop here:"

    Sorted it all out...

    Thanks everyone who chipped in!

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    Another option would have been to output to an ISO file from DVD WS2, and use another program to burn it.


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      That is what I always did.. I created the DVD folders on the hard drive and then used Nero to burn the movie as well as another directory with all of the art work for the menu's and DVD cover. :)



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        I've been using Encore2 ever since it came out...and just burn from within the application. If I need to make more than 1 copy, I just "make" an ISO and then burn from Encore. Have gotten no complaints...although Encore doesn't like to add a AUDIO_TS folder...oh well.