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How can I Make subtitles on black lines

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  • How can I Make subtitles on black lines

    Can anyone tell me how I make subtitle lines eather in Quick title or TMP.
    Or In any other tool.

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    in Tm Pro, select the draw tool and draw a rectangle to suit your subtitle, color the rectangle black, then save as a name, then every time you need one, drag it from bin to title track, type a new text and save as new name

    or in case the entire show has subtitles without interruption, you could place a black matte on the highest track and apply the layout tool, crop and position until it fits the subtitle
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      This can also be done in quick titler by creating a title that is just a rectangle that is colored black and it will go into the bin window and you can then use it just as Anton was talking about :)



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        QuickTitler will be easier for simple stuff.


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          Thank's for Your advise

          But isent there an other way, I have to subtitle more than 100 videos
          for a christian TV station (U know they always want It for almost free)
          ;-) Larry


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            After you create a title that is a pure rectangle the color you want it will be placed into the bin window.

            After you do that you can place the title in all the different places where you need it and then create the words separately :)



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              What you are looking for is a font that already contains the black background in the character block, as the titlers in Edius don't look as if they support an easy way of generating rectangular blocks that can scale or link to text input. It would be nice to create text boxes that have edge/shadow attributes for the actual boundry box, and not just text. If you had that, then you could give the boundry box 75% shadow with no soft. This is a standard feature in most of the CG programs I know (XOR linking layers) and I think Titlemotion is missing this important feature.

              X scaling graphics larger than source with any editor will produce blurred verticle edges and will take ages to do. Creating seperate titles and backgrounds is like - TIME CONSUMING, not to mention the positioning nightmares for a consistent airlook.

              In the old days (when I did lots of subs for news) we used subtitle true type fonts containing backgrounds in CG inscriber, so they exist for TitleMotion also. Can't remember the names unfortunately, but I'ts probably the easiest and quickest way to do this in Titlemotion pro without using a dedicated 3rd party subtitling program.

              Maybe you should google some fonts.
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                Maybe this will do the trick...

                I use a freeware-thingy: Subtitle Workshop...

                Work´s pretty much as the old subtitling-programs used on TV-stations - placing an in and out point for each subtitle on the fly, then entering the text. This means ofcourse, that you´ll have to render a file from Edius to be imported in Subtitle Workshop...

                But it´s free and it works...


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                  Use this:
                  import any txt or doc and output every line to a single sub or 2 line to 1.
                  with blacklines, box or wathever looks good to you.
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                    Is EDIUS 5 capable of importing the alpha channel, in the AVI file from Lemony?


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                      I export to tga and sync in EDIUS.
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                        Originally posted by The Dane View Post
                        Is EDIUS 5 capable of importing the alpha channel, in the AVI file from Lemony?
                        This article has information on importing the alpha channel. There are ways around the limitations described within the posts.
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                          Sounds like you're doing "open captioning". They usually have the black box around the titles. I have done a lot of those for DVD projects in the earlier days. I used TMP as Anton noted.

                          Sub titles don't have to have the black box. I edited one project where I just had a black glow around the titles and it looked fine. The client liked the look. It worked in dark and light scenes.

                          I hope they gave you the script in Word,etc. I usually open up Word and copy a portion of the script, and then paste in TMP. Pretty fast, but this type of work is tedious.

                          Make sure you double check your spelling. I've lost money because of one miss-spelled word after pressing 1,000 DVDs. Even after client approval of
                          the Beta.

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