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Sequence Limits?

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  • Sequence Limits?

    One of my clients who has upgraded to Edius 5 showed me a project with a binful of clips and 3 sequences. When she opens Edius, she can load and view the first 2 sequences (in any order) but the third only has audio and no video. To see that sequence, she has to reload Edius and choose that sequence first or second with the third audio and no video. She has 3Gb memory, dual Xeon 3.2GHz Supermicro M/B with 500Gb RAID

    I've tried it on my system with a few clips but I can have as many sequences as I want. Is the number of clips a limiting factor?

    Any ideas?

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    It should not be a factor. That is strange. So whatever order she views the sequences, she cannot get video on the third? Try saving is as a new project and see if it is the same.