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Demo installs for anyone?

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  • Demo installs for anyone?

    I downloaded the Edius demo zip off the website. I extracted the files and discovered that there are 3 setup.exe files and other files that are labeled the same.

    There are more than one type of demo in this zip file? Looks like it. What a mess!

    I tried to extract only the files with some sort of indication they were for Edius but then when I try to install I am told that files are missing.

    If I just try to extract all the files am asked if I want to replace other files because there are so many in the zip file that are labeled the same. When I do extract the files and try to install the program via the setup.exe it asks me for a serial number.

    I have never ever ever had an issue installing a major program. What's up Canopus?

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    Well Gregster, I use edius and have never tried to d/l any of the demos, so I don't know what to say to you.

    But this is another eg maybe of things that need to be addressed by GV as I have posted here
    (scroll to last entry on this page - peterC).

    For any prospective new user, the last thing they need to encounter is problems first. Hope this doesn't scare you off, Edius is worth looking at and worth having.
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      It sounds like you are not asking the ZIP utility to preserve the folder names.


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        copy from the download site .....(source site from your zipp-file)

        look at Instructions: point 6. Use the serialnum.......

        friendly greetings from ViennaLowLevelService ........... old Hans
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          Before I had my NX I D/L the Edius trial to see how it worked. I had no trouble with it.

          I D/L to my office pc, copied to an external drive, connected this to my video pc and installed. I did spend about 10 mins sorting out the serial number, but found it where it is shown above.


          Microsoft MVP in Digital Media

          Edius 4.61, NX Express, xp sp2


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            You may also ask a dealer if he still has a demo CD in stock.