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Is there a way to print out keyboard shortcuts

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  • Is there a way to print out keyboard shortcuts

    It would be nice to be able to print out the list of keyboard shortcuts in a WYSIWYG format.

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    Aristotelis Bafaloukos
    Systems Engineer, Video Editor, 3D Artist
    BEng (Hons), MSc, MBCS



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      Thanks Aristotelis

      I saw the sticky but when I went to the site it does not appear that the file is still there.
      Then I remembered a few months ago reading a post similar to mine....and that I had downloaded the file. Well, presto! I had saved it....ran it and saved the keyboard shortcut results to an Excel file.

      BTW if anyone else needs the file I can email it to them.


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        The nice thing about importing the keyboard shortcuts to Excel is that you can use the "sort" and then "filter" under Data, to sort the assignment related keystrokes any way you want. I can quickly sort the assignments according to what keystrokes where used or vice versa. If I am wanting to assign a new keystroke (or combination of keystrokes) I can quickly find if they are being used.
        Also using the "Find" under the Edit menu makes an nice fast little search engine
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