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Edius 5 RE-RENDER scandal!

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  • Edius 5 RE-RENDER scandal!

    I have made this request through other channels, but it seems to be being ignored by the higher-ups. It is a very serious issue.

    These need to be fixed NOW:

    1. Adjusting AUDIO forces VIDEO to be rendered! NOTE: rubber banding or sliding audio have no effect, but adding or adjusting effects/filters does.

    2. Simply sliding previously rendered sections of a project requires Edius to RE-RENDER VIDEO AGAIN!

    It means an enormous amount of time to RE-RENDER everything, even on :30 commercials, and especially on feature-length project. It basically makes Edius useless. Literally HOURS and HOURS of RE-RENDERING (even on a dual quad-core) which were not necessary in previous versions, indeed the earlier versions were smart enough to realize what was going on and only rendered what they had to. It was one of the things which made Edius so great. Not any more.

    TO MAKE THINGS WORSE, if you have simply opened and saved a previous project in 5, it is NOW DOOMED to be a E5 version and cannot be opened in 4.51c which at least could have allowed us to salvage projects. Now you have really hit us badly.

    What used to be a great program has crippled/damaged us and has become a curse. Basically I feel as if hit by a virus. I cannot complete projects on time or at all and I am losing business.

    This is simply unacceptable and some sort of patch MUST BE MADE IMMEDIATELY, if even to allow us to go back to where we were before 5.

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    You meant after you shift Q and render a section and if you add filters to your audio clip the timeline doesn't playback in realtime? if so just hide all the video clips except the new render clip and it will playback realtime.
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      There are a few problems with the Render setup but I sure don't see anything remotely as bad as you suggest. What are you doing that requires hours and hours of rendering?

      Also if you have had Edius before, it has always been the case that old projects would open in the newer versions, but not the other way around. We have always suggested that if you want to upgrade but still need to possibly work on an older version, that you save the project under another name and then work with the new name on the new version. That way the original can still be opened in an older version.


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        Also, please delete your other post that is a double of this one other than adding your arbitrary comment at the end


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          I thought the term "scandal" was reserved for Chicago politicians, not so much E5.

          Render does have way more issues than there probably should be, for sure.
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            works fine here...just tested with three HDV clips adding 3-D PIP keyer using Shift Q to render, and adding audio filters...plays fine, works fine, best check if your project settings match the clip settings, or if you have a faulty install of Edius.
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