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  • DV payback recommendations

    Not strictly Edius-related but a burning question:

    So far I have been using my camcorder to play back my DV tapes when capturing raw material. However, I can't afford to ruin my camcorder as it is a specific model that is not available in shops any more and it is the only one to fit into my underwater case setup.

    I am therefore looking for an alternative playback device. DV decks seem to be unreasonably expensive for my purposes and I can't see what their advantage really is. Would a cheap camcorder be sufficient, or are there different playback qualities depending on the model?

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    So long as it is in good condition it doesn't matter how cheap a cam you buy. As the signal is digital all playback devices will either play it or won't. Old cams may have worn/out of alignment heads, so I'd suggest a new one, cheapest of the same make of cam you use.

    I use my first canon digi cam as my deck, it'snow 7 years old buy does it's job well.

    Decks are made to last, to be able to jog/shuttle the tapes without causing them damage. I wouldn't use the frame forward buttons tooo much on capture with a camcorder.
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      Since the dv data will be copied 1:1 from the tape to the harddisk via firewire you can use any dv camcorder which is available. I would look for a model with dv-in because I still like the idea of a tape master.


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        I would look for a model with dv-in because I still like the idea of a tape master.
        there are some cheap devises that can hack the dv-in limitation of the camcorders and allow recording to tape...
        We have one from Cactus images...(DV Max Enabler) and it works very well!
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