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How do you nudge a clip using keyboard

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  • How do you nudge a clip using keyboard

    I cannot find anything in the manual about this.

    How do I nudge a clip on the timeline one frame forward or one frame backward using the keyboard...the mouse is not accurate enough!

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    The forum has a search option:
    here you go:

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      Thanks SR

      Didn't think of using the forum search. I eventually found what I was looking for. Just in case others are trying to sort this out. Here's how to do it thanks to Antonvideo from a prior post:

      To create a shortcut key for nudge
      Go to customize, keyboard shortcuts, find "Trim-select roll"

      Apply an available keyboard shortcut, in my case F8

      To use, select any clip, press F8, then use , or . to nudge (note that you need to assign the , or . to a keyboard key as well) if you had made any changes from the default. I had remapped many of my keyboard short cuts to an Avid Liquid keyboard I own.

      It was a little counter intuitive because I was actually not trying to "trim" the clip I was just trying to move it a frame ahead or a frame behind.


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        This was bugging me as I couldn't get it to work.
        I followed instructions as per links above.
        Wouldn't budge.

        I cut a small section off my clip and move it up the time line and.... it works, nudge it up and down the timeline no problem.

        Go back to my main clip.

        Doesn't work.

        Eventually figured out nudge will not work if the clip is butting up to another clip, even if you are trying to nudge 1 frame away from this other clip with free space the way you are trying to nudge.
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          Hum did you try sync on/off? I'm not sure if there is a setting also that may affect this. I can understand not being able to nudge into another clip (using the slip tool would be better to do this) but not being able to nudge it the other way (away from the clip) should be able to work.


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            Same with sync mode on and off and ripple mode on and off.
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            Edius 4.61, NX Express, xp sp2