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  • Photo Montage In Edius

    I am having the worst luck with photos on my timeline. I am using edius 4.2x. I am editing on an HDV 1080 timeline. I have a mix of photos that were scanned thru photoshop. I also have 1080 HDV footage on the timeline. When I go to make a SD DVD from the timeline via procoder express it makes the photos to small on the dvd. The 1080 HDV footage is fine. Letterboxed correctly. The photos are also letterboxed but then there is extra cropping done on the top. I have tried a number of different export settings all with no luck. I am wondering if I need to size differently in the original scanning thru photoshop? The photos appear the right size when scrubbing and or playing back from the timeline. Any thoughts?

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    The only way you will be able to animate your photos is to either find a copy of Imaginate2, or use an application like After Effects to do your photos then bring a rendered file (with alpha or not) into Edius.

    Edius does not currently support resolution independent images in 3d PinP.

    You can use the Layout tool, but it has no keyframe capability.

    I know this is a bit irrelevant to what you're asking for, but if you do not care to zoom into your photos past 100% in 3d PinP, then you should do ok. The scaling in 3dPinP is not so great.

    What I do want to know is, when you do your HD project, do you export to SD MPEG2 or switch the project to SD after you're done, then export to SD MPEG2? The latter is preffered.


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      No movement of photos is required. They stay static the whole time. The one workaround I have is to export the whole timeline as a 16x9 avi then open procoder. It works that way but I think it is cropping my HDV 1080 footage a little.

      I have been exporting a SD DVD from the HDV timeline. I am not sure how to switch the whole project to SD before making the DVD? Thanks for your help.


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        For stills use the layout tool


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          Have you cropped all the sides in photoshop then saved each image? So you have clean photos? Do everything in photoshop, and save as a hi-res file. What's the resolution on your pictures? around 2megapixels or more? Use the crop tool to cut all the sides to make sure it's all clean and no dirty edges are displayed.

          I recommend that you use the Layout tool so you won't lose the the layout tool you can resize the images as much as you want. Select the image and press F7 on your keyboard and you will get a popup.

          As for changing the project to SD before exporting, just click on the little drop down menu right to the right of the save icon and choose "Project Settings". Change it to 16x9 DV @ 48Khz NTSC (or PAL??). The only downside to this is that if you have any text in your project, you have to reposition them. If you don't, then you're fine. You can change back to HD mode anytime you want through this menu.

          Hope this helps.


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            Sure, all photos scanned at 300 dpi and cropped slightly to clean image all around. I will try the layout tool and see what that does.


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              Originally posted by psevey
              I will try the layout tool and see what that does.
              it will do wonders

              I even made the Enter key the shortcut key to the layout tool, because I use it a lot
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                Try editing the whole project in SD 16:9 to begin with.

                That way you can edit it the way you want it to look on the DVD. :)