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  • TitleMotion Problem - Video Level


    I noticed something I don't know if is a bug or what in TM Pro with Edius 4.61!!! I import a still image sequence (720x480, with alpha - TGAS) inside my project. Then I make a new TITLE with Title motion, go to BACKGROUND tab and use the last TGA (from the same sequence i told above) as the background for my TITLE.
    When I put the TGA sequence in the timeline and the TITLE right beside it, there's a position and color shift between them.

    In respect to the position shift I already tried the SIZE TO FIT option turned on and off. One the title goes upper than the TGA sequence and other it goes lower tha the TGA.

    About the color difference I think there's nothing I could try, there is?

    Any sugestion?


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    Could you just load the "background" TGA back onto the video track and put a title (without background setting) over it?


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      Yes Brandon, I could do it.

      But I'm just that kind of people that wants to know why something doesn't work as it was supposed to, ok?! heh!
      As I work in a newsroom where every second makes difference it would be way easier (and faster) just calling a preset, saving and placing it in the timeline.




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        :) Well to satisfy your curiousity, there title track images are processed in a slightly different manner from the video tracks. It's something about this that causes an offset. I found this a long time ago (in the EDIUS 3 days) when I was doing something similar to what you were initially trying to do.

        It has something to do with pixel aspect ratio, but there's more to it than just that.


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          There is a problem with TMP and Edius, with saving a tga within TMP and then matching the same titles in Edius timeline. This is from 3.0, when I started using Edius. I make a nice animation In TMP and also save the last frame in TGA format so I can drag the last frame for 2 to 30 sec. or more. At the end of the animation, the TGA always jumps a few pixels. Sooooo, your best bet is to place the TGA frame right at the end, last frame, of the TMP animation. The jump won't be too noticeable. Or, sometimes I use a slow dissolve of the last TMP frame and the TGA.

          I didn't have this problem in SpeedRazor or Premiere.

          Edius7, 4790K, 16G, Win7, GTX970ti MatroxLE
          2nd Sys.,Edius5.51, 2700K, 16G, GTX1060, Win7
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            if your using the sequence on the main va tracks you could try the new hold frame function, works really well on normal video which also exhibits a colour shift if exported as a still