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background color of Edius.

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  • background color of Edius.

    Can anybody help me? I have some questions about Edius.
    1-How can I change background color of Edius from black to white? When you scrub in timeline you will see black color in monitor, I want to change it to white.
    2- Is it possible to temporary disable Marker palette? Shortcut H will bring Edius palettes, I want it just bring Effect and Information palette.
    3-when I dock palettes, Marker palette is always on top and active, H shortcut bring docked palette while Marker is on top, whatever I did I could not change it, I want Effect palette to be on top, what should I do?
    4- Is it possible to define shortcut for 3D Picture in Picture?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    1. This default 'blank space' colour cannot be changed. You can create a matte clip that is white and use it on the lowest video track, as a workaround.

    2/3. Undock the Marker pallete, and click the 'X' in the upper corner. This will close it. Save your layout settings to ensure it stays away.

    4. No shortcut for actual effects application exists, that I am aware. The closest I can think is 'F7' for the layout tool, but that's not necessarily going to have everything you might require from the 3D PiP effect.


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      Thanks for your reply, I undocked palette and closed Marker and saved it, but only the first time I apply new layout it would work for me, when I press H, again I will have Marker!
      I always use Effect and Information palettes and I rarely use Marker palette but it is always in front of me, really there is no way to get rid of it?


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        Ah. 'H' as a shortcut means to toggle all palletes, regardless of layout settings. I believe there are individual shortcut keys for each pallete. Check the keyboard shortcut mapper, within the Application Settings menus.


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          Drop all you palettes on top of each other and select your information (or other) palette and save it.
          Now with H you can switch all your palettes OFF or ON but your information will be the only one that is active.
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            Disregard earlier post, it always default to Marker. sorry

            You can only move the rest of the palette's off screen and save it, then it works, sort of..............