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Thumbnail viewing - Need to see .TOD thumbnails

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  • Thumbnail viewing - Need to see .TOD thumbnails

    Okay. In windows, I can see a thumbnail image of any .AVI or .MPG file.

    We have a new HD HDD video camera that stores its files as .TOD. If I rename a .TOD file to .MPG, sure enough I can see a thumbnail image of my video file.

    But, there has to be a way to tell windows to treat .TOD that same way it treats .AVI and .MPG when I choose thumbnail, yes?

    Help me please as I can't rename ALL OF THESE FILES to .MPG, and this guessing game I'm playing with my files is crushing my soul.

    I can read the .TOD files fine in Edius. it's the pulling them off the camera onto my HD that I need this help with. I have lots of files and can't just keep trying to guess which is which....
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    You didn't get any clip management software with the camera itself? I know from past experience with the JVC Everio series, that the camera came with a CD that installs clip management stuff (as well as basic editing/DVD authoring).


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      Oh do you really expect me to keep track of things like the manual and software?

      I'm lucky I know where the camera is.