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HDSTORM: Taking no preview from HDMI

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    Originally posted by Konstantinos View Post
    I used the HDSTORM's HDMI Output with a HDMI to DVI cable connected to a broadcast JVC Monitor and everything works fine! Excellent preview monitoring!

    But... why????

    Is there any possibility the problem cused by the HDMI 1.x version or something like HDCP support via HDMI?

    Let me get his straignt, you are using a HDMI to DVI adapter to your monitor from your HD Storm?


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      I used an HDMI to DVI cable, just for the JVC monitor.... not for my LCD display which i am using a direct HDMI to HDMI cable.
      Kostas Κ.

      HP Z800 Workstation: 2x Intel Xeon X5660 (12 cores - 24 nodes), 24GB DDR3 ECC, nVidia GTX 960 2GB, Win 10, SSD as Boot drive, RAID 0 for video editing, QNAP NAS for Storage, 2x Gigabit Ethernet connection


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        What is the make/model of the screen you're trying to use?


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          HP w2207h, VGA & HDMI, [email protected]


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            After a long search I found : Supports video resolutions of 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p/60, NTSC and PAL.

            So if my HDV 1440 is on the time line via HDspark what will my monitor get 1440x1080i or 1920x1080i ?


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              HDMI, like SDI, gets 1920x1080 for 1080i/p, and 1280x720 for 720p.

              So the HDMI signal is 1920x1080 resolution, regardless of what the original source resolution was (same happens for DVCPRO at 1280x1080 source resolution and HDV/HDCAM/XDCAM at 1440x1080 source resolution).


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                Thanks BH,
                So with that info I can conclude that the HDSpark will work with my HP LCD's, just have to wait for the surprise how my LCD handle's the overscan or squeezes the 1920 to 1680 resolution.
                In that case I'll wait for the Spark to become available with Ver. 5 as upgrade package, any update on that release date ?


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                  Hi Tony,

                  Not sure on your HP LCDs. Depends on the exact model. Most I've seen will scale the image down, just like TVs do. Results are... mediocre in my opinion. Digital scaling in-monitor generally leaves a lot to be desired.