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Nothing to do with Edius, but I'm Desperate

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  • Nothing to do with Edius, but I'm Desperate

    Sorry for this plea, but I'm stuck, Please email me or pm me if you can help.

    Long story, but bought Mom and Dad a Hi Def cam and tv, then sent them for a luxury holiday in Rome for their golden wedding.

    On their return my Dad deleted all the files instead of copying them to the pc.

    I need to find out the folder and file structure from a Sony HDR-SR10 or anything Sony and similar.

    I've recovered 37gb of files, so all pictures are safe, but I can't do anything with any of the videos.
    They won't play in anything
    They won't import to any editing app.
    Gspot and avicodec list them as m2pt files, but can't read any info on them
    No conversion apps will work on them, tried the HQ conversion as well.
    Installed the Sony PMB software which came with the cam, no good.

    I have 750 .rm files, 1 .mts and a couple of sd mpeg2 files. None work

    Sony, no help

    I've put a .rm file on there if anyone wants to have a play with it.

    I think the files have to be in a particular folder structure, perhaps with ifo files linked, but I'm struggling here.

    Cheers all, as any help will surely mean my Dad can make his 51st anniversay and my Mom won't be alone :)

    Microsoft MVP in Digital Media

    Edius 4.61, NX Express, xp sp2

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    I use an SR-12, which should have the same format as the SR-10 - and have no troubles.
    Soooo...let's get started. You included an *.rm file, which as you said cannot be read by anything. "rm" is an incorrect extension. Pick one of your video files. What is the extension of the file? We'll get to the bottom of this!
    Alan J. Levi

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      Can you email me at

      graham dot hughes at dvds2treasure dot


      Microsoft MVP in Digital Media

      Edius 4.61, NX Express, xp sp2