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Help needed to set up monitors

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    Time for one of these then :(


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      I believe there's a UK support number...


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        Yes, there is but I can't believe it's come to this... (insert crying smiley)

        I'll try them tomorrow


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          Originally posted by Johnc View Post
          Yes, there is but I can't believe it's come to this... (insert crying smiley)

          I'll try them tomorrow
          Oh! I get to bust out my fire department analogy again! :)

          I know support centers can often be little help, it's not fair to ignore them without giving them a chance, especially if it isn't charged support.

          And now for the fire department analogy...

          If your house was on fire, what would you do first?
          a) Call the fire department
          b) Email the fire department
          c) Post on the fire department's forum for help

          If you picked option a, you chose well! If you picked other options, your house will likely burn to the ground unless you're really lucky or have very good neighbors with lots of water.

          Seriously though... Give support a try first, then if you can't get anywhere there, then go for further means. Of course if you're outside of support hours, then it's worth posting or emailing first.

          Often times what takes 3 days to discuss over email or on a forum can be resolved within 5 minutes of just speaking.

          Note that in this case DVStorm is no longer supported, so it may very well end up in the realm of charged support, but you can ask and maybe you'll get some insight before you have to provide a credit card number. :)


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            No problem, that was meant to be tongue in cheek!

            I am glad to say I won;t need to as I've just found the issue.

            Thought I'd tried everything but obviously not.

            Changing Settings/Hardware settings/DVStorm RT Settings/Video Overlay settings/Overlay refresh to Lock/Unlock seems to have sorted it.

            Thanks for all the help though guys, it's possible this didn't work originally and something else you suggested made this work.

            I will sleep easy tonight :)


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              Yes, the Storm lives on, tha tha tha thaaaa ............