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  • Help needed to set up monitors

    I've not had an external monitor hooked up for a while but I need to get one working now for some new work coming up.

    I've got Edius 4.61 in a PC running a GeForce 7600GT video card and I've just put my old DV-Storm-RT board back in so I can connect an external analogue monitor.

    Now whatever I try to do in the project settings, I can't get the external monitor working at the same time as the monitor in Edius. I either get a blank external monitor (although the back panel controls in hardware settings work as I can see brightness changing on the monitor) or I get the external monitor working but the timeline monitor displaying a freeze frame or some random interference.

    Is this a problem with the Storm card/Video card combo I'm using or are there other settings somewhere I've missed?

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    Oh dear, no replies. :(

    Now, either I'm asking a really dumb question or it's got you all stumped.

    I suspect the former so could someone put me out of my misery?????


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      Best I can suggest is to update your video card drivers and check that you're at least on XP Service Pack 2.


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        Also try to reinstall the DVstorm card drivers, and reboot.
        If it still fails, go to the hardware settings of the storm card and change the buffer settings, or in DV capture from PAL to NTSC or vise versa, this requires a reboot and should "wake up" either the card or drivers, not sure what or how, but had this issue before, long long ago, and did resolved the problem.
        Good luck.


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          I've tried all these suggestions and the result is the same.

          I always get the message "multiple output devices are found. Please select your output hardware" when I open the project settings menu. Is that right?

          I'm selecting DVStorm-RT Output each time which gives me output on my external monitor but not on the PC monitor and no audio. I just get a freeze frame on the PC monitor of wherever the cursor is on the timeline. If I change it to Generic OHCI SD PAL it's the other way around - I get video and audio on the PC and the freeze frame on the external monitor.

          Also, with the project settings using DVStorm-RT output, if I go to the View/Overlay menu, the selections for PC monitor/External output and PC Monitor are both greyed out. Why would that be? With OHCI set, they are both selectable but I still can't get both monitors working.


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            Sorry to hear that, I'll hope that other DVStorm user can help you.


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              If it is an option, get a clean HD with no Edius on it, get the DVStorm card running and confirm in Windows hardware manager that it has no problems.
              Install DVcapture, try and capture video to check proper functioning of the card.
              If all o.k. then install Edius, this is one attempt that work previously on my System that has Mobo problems, it might work for you.


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                Can I just verify that the correct driver for the Storm-RT board is "stmkrnl.sys"? I have version 2.01.504 according to Windows.


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                  Hi johnc, will let you know tomorrow, at home I use NX, at the office a DVStorm2 system.


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                    Capture is working OK.
                    I've tried different settings on the graphics card to no avail and updated to the latest Nvidia driver. Seems to me that it must be a graphics card issue. I'll try re-installing Edius tonight to see if that does anything.


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                      Hi Johnc,

                      Driver I'm using is 2.01.504 stmkrnl.sys, this is the one supplied with Edius 4.61, so you are using the latest version.

                      For my graphic card I'm not using the latest version, as per recommendation from Anton, using an older version, nVidia GeForce FX 5600 with the driver version dated 7/15/2004.
                      Reason for this older driver is to maintain realtime performance with Explode Pro using the nVidia render patch for Explode Pro.

                      I hope you can get it working again as the DVStorm card is and will be a great card for many years to come.
                      At home I'm using a NX and can't realy tell the performance difference compared to the DVStorm card, as I don't have the Component HD expansion card.

                      Good luck.


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                        I've re-installed Edius but no change, I really don't know what to try next.


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                          Have you tried an older driver for your display card, I also can't think of much more.
                          Beside playing with the overlay setting in Edius, have you exhaust that already ?

                          edit : Are you running SP2 or 3, Service pack 3 has smoothed out my old rig quite a bit ?

                          Do you still have you DVstorm installation disc's, on there you can find speed or storm test, something like that, it can test for drive speed but the part you want is the overlay test, see if your current graphic card drivers / setting can pass this.

                          Do you have any custom settings on the graphic card side, aliasing / filtering of any kind / overclocking ?
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                            I was using an old graphics driver up until yesterday when I updated it. I suppose I could look for an even older one, but where's the best source of old drivers for Nvidia boards? They only have the latest on their site I think.

                            I am running SP3. Have tried all the setups I can think of in Edius itself.
                            The overlay test for the Storm card passes.

                            I have tried several different settings for the graphics card but there may be more I can try. I'll take a look...


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                              Overlay test works, that's good, SP3 that is good also.
                              It looks like your on your own, I have no more try's for you, I'm all out.

                              To call GV would be very costly, and the GV people on the Forum will / can not give support for problem solving to an extreme extend.

                              I did however see some other forum members from UK, don't know how far they are separated from your location, but I think it's time to look for hands on help, in these extreme cases it is difficult to provide help using text only.

                              You could however try a different graphic card as this was not mentioned yet in previous posts, not sure it will help, but when you're about to pull your hair it's time to try funny things ................

                              This issue, so determent is a first for me, would like to get my hands on your box, as this is a not so nice for you challenge you realy can learn from.

                              All I can say is hang in there and good luck .........