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Need help with Disc Capture

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  • Need help with Disc Capture

    Used Disc Cap Ripping tool from my Edius 4.54 to extract video from a DVD I made.

    I put those files on the timeline, and, if I scrub through the clip, I see the clip fine. If I just play the timeline, I usually just see green.

    The audio is AC-3. I realize that the AC-3 may be a problem here. For the project I'm working on right now, I need video only.

    I made a Canopus lossless AVI file of the MPEG2 files, it did not work. I made a Canopus DV AVI file from the file, it did not work. ; I stripped the audio from two above files, but that didn't work, either. I was hoping to do this with Edius without other software, or without capturing the DVD output "live".

    Two questions:

    1. For my current project, what is the best way to use just the video from the MPEG2 files?

    2. What is the best workflow for using video and audio from Disc Capture? Or, is other or additional sotware needed?

    Thanks in advance for your help!


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    Try recapturing after-->settings-->plug-in settings-->mpeg importer-->don't use PTS put on/off (if it's on put it off and vice versa)

    It worked for me once, maybe works in your case too?


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      Thanks for your help! It works fine now. Your suggestion fixed it! Thanks again. . ..