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Strange transition problem

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  • Strange transition problem

    This is a new one on me:
    I have been putting together several clips one one time line (as I have for over the last 8 years using Canopus/GV products exclusively). When I make a simple transition or dissolve I get a blue screen in my timeline! In the information pallette I get the message that "this transition does not have a set up". So, no matter what transition I use it disolves from a blue screen to the video and back out. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    that is indeed a strange one

    does it also happen if you start a new project?

    does it happen if you place cursor between 2 touching clips and press Alt+1?
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      If you apply the transition to the keyer track of one clip (instead of putting between two adjoining clips) like AB style editing, does the same thing happen?


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        Originally posted by mavnick View Post
        This is a new one on me:
        I get the message that "this transition does not have a set up".
        I've seen this. I found that if I click away from the transition then click on the transition I am able to open the properties for the transition. It's as if the transition looses the focus when applied.
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          Strange Transition Behaviour

          Thanks for all the input.
          What I discovered was that even though I had "cut" the 5 second leader footage from the clip, it kept including it in the transition. What I ended up doing was cutting an additional 5 seconds from the original clip to get rid of the intro blue footage. I guess I never had any 5 second leader footage to deal with before. I could also just rename the cut clip and try it that way. All is good now.