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What now that Procoder Express is dead and gone?

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  • Nobby Tucker
    As we get to keep the USB lock for V4 I’ve set it up on another machine.

    I’ve run some basic tests and it’s happy to render across my network while I still work on other projects!

    Got myself a one field render farm!

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  • Martin_Gleeson
    There is an update (announced in the Procoder forum) for PC3 to export from Edius 5.

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  • Rusty
    It looks to me to be gone for good!

    I hear there's an update for PC3 out there.

    As for elementary streams (I haven't tried it) but couldn't you simply use Batch Export to get the flavors you want?

    I really appreciate the new exporter, lots of great options.

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  • What now that Procoder Express is dead and gone?

    So what now that Procoder Express is dead and gone (as far as V5 is concerned)?

    Are all Procoder products now dead? Will Procoder 3 work with Edius 5?

    I cant seem to get my head around the V5 exporter; it seems to be missing so many nice elements the Procoder had…

    Files size info before you rendered, easy options for elementary steams….

    F11 will never be the same again.