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Another bluray bitrate question

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  • Another bluray bitrate question

    I have been doing some bluray disc and doing ok with them using Nero since they are just basic menus. I am playing with the new movie factory that comes with V5. It will allow you to import already encoded complaint files without re-encoding so I thought I would try encoding in Edius. With Nero I would export my m2t file to Nero and let it churn away. Quality was decent to good.

    My question is, if we are shooting HDV we are starting with a 25mbps data stream right? Does it do any good to encode our final streams for bluray at a bit rate higher than 25mbps. My thinking says it started at 25mbps and that is all the data we have. We can encode at a higher rate but we still just have 25mbps of data. I do uprez to HQ for editing and I would be encoding right from the Edius timeline. Is there any benefit to higher bitrates for bluray when we start with HDV?
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    In theory every time you compress your footage you loose some of its original quality(no matter what that quality is), so the less compression you apply the less quality you loose...
    However in cases like that, where you compress one or two times only, you might not be able to see the difference...
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      I would think that a cuts only edit wouldn't lose too much due to intergenerational artifacts with any hi-Q codec. But, if you're doing any transitions, special FX, or CC banding from 8-bit codecs are noticeable. In this case, it definitely pays to try to work inside a 10-bit codec.
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