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What do we think of version 5?

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  • What do we think of version 5?

    Title says it all. give me your views.


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    Needs a few bugs soughted out, then should be ok, can't wait for the first update to it, other wise OK.

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      HW setting changes are not saved(at least in the German language version).
      No elementary streams in the new output Modules(Problem for the export of BD streams to Encore)

      Besides this its working even under Vista Ultimate 64Bit.
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        Corruption of files in bin created in previous versions is apparently being fixed - when it is I will put version 5 back on my machine but until then I can not work with this...
        Andrew Whiteley

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          Maybe I don't get this as I am not a native English speaker but how should one know what others think or should one think for others?

          If I have to write what we think does that mean that I have to think for We?

          I know for sure the previous posters did not think for me. :)

          Time for a mind reading class.? hehe
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            the question did seem like it was aimed at some kind of support group, oh...wait.... we are a support group:) Hi my name is Randy and im a ediusaholic.( Hi Randy)

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