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Change language on edius 5

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  • Adrian Bueno
    Thanx a lot!

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  • vienna1944er
    open the folder Localice >> mark the folder for "spain" and rename it to whathever you like....
    Edius show up in english.......

    path : [C]:\ ........ >> programms >> Canopus >> Edius >> Localice

    in V5 the rule for language from UserInterface have changed
    now it following bullheaded the language from the OS .... unfavorable ... but sadly true...

    in V4 the rule for language from UserInterface was the regionssetting
    much more intelligent and flexible, more "broadcast like".. .... you can (simply) change the UI language
    i.e. >> in Canada
    >> forenoon french for the "audio-guy"
    >> evenings english for the "video-guy"

    and you have in europe many districts with borderland,
    how need for different user >> different UI language ....

    ThomsonGV fishing with the new (and good) Edius in more (broadcast) claims
    as with the old Versions ... they more for only private practice, or "one-man wedding company's"

    excuse my miserable english.. greetings from europe to colombia ...... old (but not morbid) Hans ;-)
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  • Adrian Bueno
    started a topic Change language on edius 5

    Change language on edius 5

    Edius 5 take my system native language (spanish) but i hate my apps on spanish cause it vnever accurate the real meanings..

    how can ai change the language on edius?