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  • wags
    It seems to be abit quicker too.
    Encodes about realtime here.

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  • UlfLaursen
    Super news!!

    I am still so excited about Edius and it's great features and stability - most awesom.

    Thanks a lot GV - you guys rock!! :-)

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  • drgagx
    This is good news!

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  • new >> AVCHD-to-Canopus HQ Conversion Utility (v2.12)

    it is aviable on the download-site under "Product-related Downloads" >> "General Utilities" >> > AVCHD-to-Canopus HQ Conversion Utility (v2.12) Released: 09/08/2008

    jubilation, jubilation we have fast speed and >recording date, timecode or binary group information,<

    not self tested, only from the in the ReadMe
    Version 2.11 6/27/2008
    Added the following feature.
    If the AVCHD file has recording date, timecode or binary group information, they are transferred to the exported AVI file.

    Fixed the following issues.
    If cut editing is done to the AVCHD file, an error sometimes appears at the end of the file in AVCHD previewer or converter.

    If AVCHD previewer or converter handles the AVCHD file which is high bit-rate, previewing or converting is sometimes failed to decode (decoded footage has green noise frame and so on).

    When converted file is registered to EDIUS Bin, the source file name is shown as clip name.

    Version 2.12 9/8/2008
    Added the following features.
    Preview behavior can be customized with double-clicking 'AVCHDPRV' icon.
    CPU load is lessened about 10-30% when 'Giving priority to speed' option is selected in AVCHDPRV settings.
    Deinterlace supported in preview.
    Displaying rec time and TC supported in preview.
    Screen saver and monitor power save are disabled automatically while previewing.
    LPCM audio (only 2ch 48kHz 16bit*) supported. *When AVCHD file has other LPCM format is loaded, it is handled as no audio AVCHD file.

    Fixed the following issue.
    When AVCHD file edited with ImageMixer 3 (included to your camcorder) is previewed or converted, an application error is occurred.
    When AVCHD file is previewed in cut down mode on a single core based system, A/V sync out or freezing preview is sometimes occurred.
    friendly greetings from europe\austria\vienna .... old (but not morbid) Hans ;-)