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problems with v5 and using vista 64

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  • problems with v5 and using vista 64

    me again .. 1 other problem i have found is with title motion pro ,, when i try to put 2 seperate movements on a title it crashes .. ie 2 key frames for movement and explosion at the end of title for effect ,, also i find it is slow and sometimes unreponsive ,,, when enlarging the window it lags and takes for ever to open all the tabs also renedering large titles ,, say 4 words on 4 seperate areas takes for every even with simple movements ... time to put the kettle on
    i have tried to use 1 vid card ( as i am running 2x8800gts 640mb in sli )
    i dont think it is my system as i am running a dual boot with xp with 4.61 and dont have a problem