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  • Edius 5: DVD Creator

    I have tried Edius 5.
    I expected some improvements in DVD Creator module but I see there is not any news in it.
    Basically It remains the same one we find in Edius 4.6.

    Edius 5 DVD Creator does not output to external TV monitor.
    This means we can not preview menus and get a simulation of the final DVD project to live monitor.

    For a major release, I think it's a big lack.

    We only have some new menu presets and some new backgrounds.


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    can you name me one DVD authoring software under $10,000 that can do simulation to external monitor

    Edius5 DVD creator has addend lots more templates and has the poor menu rendering improved
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      For example, Adobe DVD Encore 1.5 and 2.0 output live to external monitor the whole simulation of the project, menus included.

      With a simple OHCI firewire card.

      They are largely under $10,000.


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        Adobe DVD Encore is not a NLE, it's a DVD authoring program.

        If you are making serious DVD's one would not use DVD creator.
        DVD Movie Factory overlays when viewing in simulation mode here.

        Render out you DVD files and import them along with your pics and vector graphics into Adobe DVD Encore and author your DVD.
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          The point has been made, but just to reaffirm - DVD Creator is designed as a simple authoring program. It will not likely receive any major changes to its functionality, because that would take it outside the scope of the core product (NLE).

          Incidentally, we bundle a separate DVD (and Blu-ray) authoring app with EDIUS v5 now. Anything beyond that application's abilities requires that you look into dedicated authoring solutions...not an NLE.


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            Liquid Edition?
            Been so long I can't remember.

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              Is there a way to import layered Photoshop images into Edius's authoring app.?

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