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Calibration settings for HDTV's

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  • Calibration settings for HDTV's

    Anyone have a good setup for a Sony Bravia XBR4 HDTV which is used with EDIUS NX?

    Here's what I have so far:

    Setting: Custom
    Backlight: 4
    Picture: 90
    Brightness: 45
    Color: 60
    Hue: 0
    Temp: Cool
    Sharpness: 64
    Noise Reduc: Low
    Mpeg: Off
    DRC: Off

    Black Corrector: Off
    Advanced C.E.: low
    Gamma: Low
    C White: Off
    C Space: Standard
    Live Color: Low

    White Balance:

    R Gain: -3
    G Gain: -4
    B Gain: -2
    R Bias: +3
    G Bias: -2
    B Bias: +4

    Detail Enhancer: Low
    Edge Enhancer: High

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    Not that easy StormDave. Each HD monitor and graphics card will have its own set-up to a degree. That's why we see so many variations on television.


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      I know that, but someone must have already set "this" particular LCD up for video production.

      Looks like I'll be removing the blues and doing everything like I used to when I calibrated pro CRT monitors. I found these settings off the internet. Looking at color bars they look pretty close to what actual color bars look like.


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        Are there any charts on the LCD manufacturers website?


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          Couldn't find much.

          But I've noticed that the Sony's have much more settings than other HDTV's.


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            If you're serious about calibration you'll need to get a sensor at some point. But start with CurtPalme's Grayscale and Colour Calibration for Dummies guide.