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    Hi folks,

    I noticed in the format support list for EDIUS 5 that it says it supports DPX files. I've downloaded the trial and imported a 4K dpx sequence in no problems. Obviously it scaled the sequence to 1080 but i had access to the full 4K resoution via the layout tool which allows for digital zooms, pans etc. Wonderful!
    However I was unable to find where I can re-export my timeline as a new dpx sequence to take into grading.
    Does EDIUS support DPX export or just import? Is it a limitation of the trial version?
    As far as I can see, this feature is the only thing missing to make EDIUS a viable NLE for use in a Red workflow providing the final delivery is 1080, Becasue 'Monkey Extract' can utilize an EDL with the DPX files from EDIUS to go the online cut and grade...

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    It's import only. Or at least that's as far as I've seen.

    I suspect the lack of DPX support would be due to the fact that EDIUS can only export 8-bit 1080 still sequences as a maximum. In other words, while you can access the extra resolution with the layout tool, your 4K material will be exported as HD video, and all extra info will be lost.

    Feel free to post a feature request for DPX export, if you still would like it to be included.