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  • 10GbE

    Anyone here setup a 10GbE shared storage for EDIUS and shared computers? Fibre is more expensive...

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    Kind of! I have 10Gb setup from a 16x SATA II Server in Raid 50 running Windows Server. The initial 10Gb connection from the server to the switch is fibre, but it connects to a Gigabit switch. To cut costs we strapped Cat 6 Lan connections from the clients to the 48 port switch to increase bandwidth. We run HD footage to 3 Editing stations in addition to the daily administrative tasks of 9 other clients with very little slow down.


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      Thanks Jared.

      How much did it cost you? Are there PCIe 10GbE controllers readily available out there?


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        Originally posted by STORMDAVE View Post
        Thanks Jared.

        How much did it cost you? Are there PCIe 10GbE controllers readily available out there?
        Yeah, I might be interested in that one.
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          Have a look at this link on Creative Cow by Bob Zelin sounds interesting, we may look at something like this with a Linux file server at some point.


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            Sorry for the long delay. I put it together myself about 2 years ago. I went overboard with the 48 port switch, but with 16 drives, the OS, Server box, memory, CPU's, 10Gb PCI-x card and the connections for the fibre, I spent about 12k. It was money well spent though. I've been able to transition seemlessly from 250Gb drives to 500's and now were about to trade out for Terabyte drives. Every once in a while I get a small hiccup, but I'm very happy with the overall performance with HD footage