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    Yup, a neat program....used it a couple of times....very quick and simple........But I am still on the hunt for a level meter that plugs into Edius...I found one that worked with v.3....or v.2, cant quite remember, and the builder has made some updates to it, and it is free, works well with media player and other programs, but not with Edius as he is either vertical or horizontal...looks nice....but cant seem to get it to work with edius.....The meters that are part of Edius are not as flexable as I would like..I prefer a pallette -like meter that I can place anywhere i wat it, and is accurate....... this is where I found those meters...they have a few good looking ones I think these are for recording only though...cant really remember.....
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      Can you help me why xplodepro does'nt wokr with edius 5


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        It is not supposed to work. I don't think you'll have much luck.
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          about audio plug-ins, I found theese, they are all free, there is pretty much all you need, I have not tested them in edius, but they work in wavelab studio 6.1, cubase se and pro tools m-powered 7.4
          They are all vst

          A computer with a lot of stuff in it :)